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Auditing is the primary tool in the Quality Management toolbox. Ineffective Auditing facilitates deficient organisational performance. It erodes accountability, diminishing resilience, stifling improvement, stagnating performance, and inhibiting profitability. Effective Auditing provides assurance that the applied Business Management System and its component processes, are appropriate, effective and effectively implemented. Effective auditing delivers supply chain resilience and business certainty. Outsourcing your auditing activities to us enhances both operational and cost effectiveness. 

Quality Management 

Effective Business Management Systems are essential for predicting positive performance, and Quality Management Systems are essential for assuring the effectiveness of Business Management Systems. We understand that many developing businesses recognise the need for effective Quality Management, but find the cost of employing a full-time Quality Manager prohibitive. We have the cost effective solution

Organisational Development

Organisational performance is a complex phenomenon, effectively predicted by the interaction between Management Systems, mediating behaviour, and Organisational Cultures, moderating behaviour. The Organisational Development process recognises and manages these complexities. Using psychometrics to assess attitudes in key cultural dimensions, and data analysis to assess performance metrics and associated KPI's, we adopt an analytical and holistic approach to influencing behaviours and predicting positive organisational performance.

Organisational Culture

Organisational Culture lies at the very heart of organisational performance. It defines how members relate to each other, and it predicts individual and collective performance. It predicts motivation and innovation. Predominantly driven by leadership, it is shaped by perceptions of trust and support. Promoting employee engagement, it predicts everything from productivity, absenteeism and staff turnover, to product quality, defect rates and safety incidents. Positive cultures deliver positive outcomes.

Project Culture

The very concept of balanced matrix, functionally serviced project teams, exacerbates the complexities of organisational culture. We understand how and why this happens, and we also understand how to mitigate these complexities and the problems they cause. From ineffective cross-functional relationships, to strategically misaligned functional objectives, we recognise the impact of dysfunctional project structures.

We know how to develop effective project cultures.

Compliance Solutions

The post-Brexit landscape means that UK & EU manufacturers have new hurdles to overcome in ensuring regulatory compliance of their products. Our sister company, Conversa Solutions, provides the solution to this problem. Find out more about our Regulatory Compliance and Fulfilment Service solutions by visiting our website.