Post Brexit Challenges

Exporting and CE requirements

The first few months of the post-Brexit era has given a clear insight as to the problems faced by smaller, UK based businesses who want to begin/continue exporting to the EU. Not least in the litany of challenges is the obligation for UK exporters to have an EU based Authorised Representative to maintain compliance with the EU's CE conformity requirements.

We provide the solution. We are EU based and we therefore meet the relevant requirements for an Authorised Representative. We maintain the relevant product Technical File(s), and we verify conformity with legislative requirements. We perform periodic audits of the manufacturing process and the records maintained to verify product conformity. The frequency of these audits can occur anything from quarterly to annually depending on the nature and extent of the risk inherent to product use. 

Assurance of EU based Supplier Performance

Another of the post-Brexit challenges faced by (probably larger) UK based businesses, is the problem faced in mobilising UK based personnel to perform periodic working visits to EU based suppliers. Whilst the post-Brexit situation means this is not quite as straight forward as it used to be, the issue is currently exacerbated by Covid restrictions.

We can perform these these visits on your behalf. Whether for the purpose of verifying order status / expediting, and/or auditing supplier processes to provide assurance of product conformity.