The Performance Assurance process changes perspective on the critical issue of accountability (key to developing a learning culture), by ensuring that those doing the work are responsible for the quality and conformity of their work. it is essential to recognise that this approach will only work when a learning culture prevails.


Performance Assurance facilitates enhanced organisational performance by ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of system application, and facilitating the development of a positive organisational culture.

Whilst objective verification of conformity may be desirable, or even required, our Performace Assurance approach changes organisational perspectives regarding accountability and promotes a learning culture.

There is a common theme appearing here; accountability and responsibility for product conformity lies with those responsible for product (or service) realisation. Our Performance Assurance solution ensures the existence of an effective and appropriate management system, the effective implementation of which will provide assurance of product conformity. The desire to learn and improve, which is implicit to a positive organisational culture, will ensure that any deficiencies or opportunities for improvement are addressed. 


The ability to achieve QMS certification is an inevitable by-product of our Performance Assurance process. Critically, effective Performance Assurance ensures that the QMS and the associated processes are effectively implemented and systematically improved subsequent to certification. To stretch the travel analogy, Quality Management and Performance Assurance have similar destinations, but the journey is very different.

Our Performance Assurance solution delivers, through a combination of on-site activities and remote support, a more effective and cost-efficient alternative to traditional Quality Management, not least because our approach facilitates the development of a positive Organisational Culture with the inevitable beneficial impact on organisational performance.