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Organisational Development

Organisational Development effectively boils down to Systems, Processes, Cultures and Behaviours, the influence of which determines the extent to which behaviours are regulated and motivated. We develop and implement Organisational Development strategies to provide assurance of effective regulation and positive motivation.

We monitor regulation by periodic assessments (metrics, KPI's and audits) of Management System efficacy and implementation; the external perspective of these assessments providing an objectivity that is often lacking in internal audits.

We monitor motivation by periodic psychometric assessment (anonymised surveys and/or confidential interviews) of individual and collective attitudes in key cultural dimensions.


We understand how and why specific attitudes evolve, and how they influence behaviours and performance. We identify areas of concern/opportunities for improvement, and develop improvement initiatives. Where these initiatives demand significant change, whether this be transactional or transformational, we develop and implement the change management strategy.