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Quality Management Solutions

Management Systems and the Importance of Effective Quality Management

A system is a collection of interacting processes that transform inputs into outputs, and a Business Management System (BMS) is the collection of interacting functional sub-systems that plan and guide activities to provide assurance of consistently effective organisational performance. 

Optimal organisational performance therefore demands the effective implementation of an appropriate and resilient Management System.

The Quality Management System (QMS) is a critical sub-system of the BMS and it is the QMS that provides confidence in the effective implementation of all other sub-systems and processes. 

With this in mind, you would expect every business would implement effective Quality Management.

Unfortunately not.

Smaller organisations may not have effective and dedicated Quality Management resources because they believe the cost of employing full-time Quality Management personnel is prohibitive. 

Larger organisations with mature management systems and a dedicated team of Quality Management personnel, often fail to recognise deficiencies, or opportunities for improvement, not least because whilst processes may well appear to be effective, the apparent effectiveness of a process is not indicative of the efficiency of a process.

In either of these scenarios, we provide a cost-effective, outsourced solution, defining, developing and improving the BMS that is appropriate to the scope of your business.

"But you're not an expert in our product".

We don't need to be experts in products, we need to be, and we are, experts in Management Systems.

We bring objectivity, knowledge and experience of how to assure that Management Systems, and their component sub-systems, interact to deliver consistently positive business outcomes.