The Cost of Deficient Systems, Processes and Cultures



Employee work time wasted by inefficient workplace processes 

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Lower productivity in organisations with a negative culture 




Lower profitability in organisations with a negative culture 




Of project investement wasted by ineffectively executed projects 


The Causes of Deficient Performance

Organisational performance is the product of individual and group behaviours, which are, in turn, the product of behavioural mediation, provided by management systems and control processes, and behavioural moderation, provided by organisational cultures.  

 Ineffective Management Systems & Control Processes

Ineffective Systems and Processes not only have an obviously detrimental impact on organisational performance, because they don't regulate effective performance, they also erode belief in system and process utility and organisational capability, thereby diminishing the Organisational Culture. 

 Poor Organisational Cultures

Negative Organisational Cultures inhibit the development of learning cultures, where organic performance improvement is the norm. Negative cultures can either stifle the development of positive behaviours or validate the existence of negative behaviours; either way, organisational performance is diminished and learning is inhibited.